Exclusive, invite only, event
Exclusive, invite only, event

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Dirk de Jong


Dirk has been DJing for more than 16 years. He started his career out by playing in a local party-bar in his hometown, Tilburg (NL). This got him noticed in the scene, and led to bookings across Europe in countries like Greece, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. Over the years he has developed his own style by playing numerous luxury private events. His personal preference is a blend of dance classics, disco, funky house, and main stage festival house. His heart goes out to those styles, but the dance floor is always leading! With his years of experience playing full nights, he can really read a crowd. He doesn't shy away from the occasional blast from the past. As long as it gets the crowd going. Since 2020, Dirk has been hosting The Dirk Show. A news commentary show where he discusses topics that keep him busy during the day. Over the years, Dirk has invested a lot of time and effort to learn more about Bitcoin, and related topics. Since, he has lived in Europe for the majority of his life. He can provide a different, and perhaps more nuanced, perspective on current events.